[ALBUM] Jose Marquez - Hammock House: Santiago Sessions (2017)

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Artist: Jose Marquez
Title: Hammock House: Santiago Sessions
Label: Fania Records
Date of Release: 2017-08-25


01. Willie Colon - Aguanile (Jose Marquez Remix) (10:49)
Congas: Bobby Wilmore, Lazaro Galarraga
Shekere: Bobby WIlmore
Bass & Piano: Claudio Passavanti

02. Ray Barretto - Indestructible (Jose Marquez Remix) (6:39)
Piano & Bass: Claudio Passavanti
Congas: Ismel Wignall
Saxophone: Elias Perez

03. Tito Puente - Africa Linda (Jose Marquez Remix) (9:28)
Violin: Quetzal Guerrero
Rhodes Piano: Claudio Passavanti

04. Celia Cruz - Un Bembe Pa' Yemaya (Jose Marquez Remix) (8:47)
Congas & Bata Drums: Bobby Wilmore, Lazaro Galarraga

05. Joey Pastrana - Cotique All Stars (Jose Marquez Remix) (7:05)
Congas: Alberto Lopez
Shekere: Steve Haney
Timbales: Michael Duffy

06. Celia Cruz - Herencia Africana (Jose Marquez Salsafrican Mix) (7:08)
Djembe: Sidy Maiga
Balafon: Balla Kouyaté

Fania is pleased to announce the release of HAMMOCK HOUSE: SANTIAGO SESSIONS on August 25, the newest installment in their highly-regarded “Hammock House” remix series, produced and mixed by internationally renowned LA-based producer and DJ, Jose Marquez. The iconic entertainment brand, which has evolved from a legendary NYC-based music label to an innovative and digitally-driven global music, entertainment and lifestyle company, is known worldwide for their work with influential DJs, and one of the best examples is their highly-regarded ‘Hammock House’ series.

Stemming from an idea that originated at the Manana Festival in Santiago de Cuba two years ago, Marquez fuses his love for dynamic Afro-Cuban and Caribbean flavors on SANTIAGO SESSIONS with classic Fania tracks from icons such as Hector Lavoe, Ray Barretto, Tito Puente and Celia Cruz. Standout tracks include “Aguanile,” the iconic song from Fania legends Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe which first appeared on the album El Juicio in 1972, for which Marquez enlisted noted musicians Bobby Wilmore and Lazaro Galarraga, who specialize in Afro-Cuban percussion, to perform on congas and bata drums. Another showstopper on the release is “Herencia Africana,” which was composed by Javier Vazquez and recorded by the legendary Celia Cruz and Sonora Matancera on the album Feliz Encuentro, released in 1982. In the song, Cruz talks about her African Heritage/influence, so Marquez brought in US-based musicians originally from Mali to perform and emphasize the African elements of the song, using a djembe instead of congas and a Balafon which is a traditional African version of a marimba/xylophone.

Fania launched the groundbreaking ‘Hammock House’ series in 2011 with the release of its first acclaimed compilation from the celebrated producer/DJ Joe Claussell entitled ‘Hammock House Africa Caribe.’ With each thematic installment, Fania has teamed up with innovative DJ/producers such as Louie Vega, Toy Selectah and The Whiskey Barons, providing them with access to Fania's treasure vaults and the original multitrack master tapes from recordings by classic artists to create fresh takes on Fania’s musical legacy to introduce to new generations of fans.


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