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Soulful In The Soul # 02 (04-Marzo-2011)

NotaPublicado: 04 Mar 2011, 22:17
por Manuel Colin

SITS # 02 By Manuel Colin

Track List:
01_Ananda Project Feat.Terrance Downs - Hanging On (Unreleased Feliciano Dark Vocal)
02_Groove Technicians Feat. Sam Payne & Dan Audio - Love To This World (Main Mix)
03_Vick Lavender Pres.The V.l.e Feat.Carla Prather & Sparrow - The Art Of Conversation (Johnny Montana Master Vocal Mix)
04_John Oudo Feat.Adeola Ranson & Ann Browne - Cant Stop Believing (Vocal Mix)
05_Ziggy Funk Feat.Taliwa - Everyday (Yass Classic Mix)
06_Mattski - Thank You (Mattski-ReEdit)
07_Louie Vega - Thousand Fingered Man (Roots Mix)
08_Reel People Feat.Darien - Sure (Frankie Feliciano Classic Vocal Mix)
09_Park Street Feat.Rainy Payne - Ex Ray (Park Street Sunset Mix Feat.Remo Fernandes On Bamboo Flute)
10_Richard Earnshaw - People Are People (Main Mix)
11_Soul Element Feat.Peven Everett & Maurice Joshua - Groove Thang (Main Mix)
12_Junior Rex Feat.Rhalmia - Music Is High (JedSet Soulheaters Mix)


Re: Soulful In The Soul # 02 (04-Marzo-2011)

NotaPublicado: 05 Mar 2011, 00:07
por Alma de Bossa
No he podido escucharlo antes, ahora mismo lo descargo.

Seguro que me gustaa!!! :a26:

Saludos Manuel

Re: Soulful In The Soul # 02 (04-Marzo-2011)

NotaPublicado: 05 Mar 2011, 04:07
por Manuel Colin
Muchas Gracias Alma...!!! Espero te guste mucho y lo disfrutes.!!!