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OSH Monthly Twelve (April 2019)

NotaPublicado: 01 May 2019, 23:56
por Our Soulful House

♪ OSH Monthly Twelve [April 2019]

01. Dawn Tallman - Flying (Josh Milan Production) [Honeycomb Music]
02. Sunlightsquare - Hanging Tough [Alim Music]
03. Luther Vandross - My Body (Louie Vega Funky Bass & EOL Mix) [Vega Records]
04. Blaq Pulse - Love Lives In You (Original Mix) [CD Run]
05. Ed Sheeran - One (Timmy Regisford Vocal Remix) [Shelter Music]
06. Kennedy Simone - He Loves Me (Jerry C. King's Virgo E.S.P. Mix) [Kingdom Music]
07. Stacy Kidd - Shame (Main Mix) [House 4 Life Records]
08. The Power Of Three feat. Vanessa Freeman - The Time Is Coming (Atjazz Love Soul Remix & Dub) [Expressive Records]
09. Mind Street feat. Cinnamon Brown - It's Alright (Groove Assassin Remix) [Soul N Pepa]
10. Augmented Soul feat. Stephanie Cooke - My Lover (Sean Ali & Munk Julious Deep Sole Syndicate Mix) [Sounds Of Ali]
11. Nine To Five feat. Ruby Francis - Shady Shoes (Reel People Remix) [Foliage Records]
12. Tom Glide feat. Terisa Griffin - Magic (Spell On Me) (Tom Glide's 2nd Sunshine Dub Rework) [TGEE Records]