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Duwayne Motley & Keyshia Cole - Love (In Sorted House) (FJ OSH Mash Up) [2012]

NotaPublicado: 10 Abr 2012, 19:41
por Franzz Jazz

Duwayne Motley - Sorted House [FLC Records - 2012]
Keyshia Cole - Love (Accapella) [A&M Records - 2005]
Brothers In Vibe & Biblical Jones - Incredible (Ta-Ice Soulful Beats) [Afrika House Records - 2012]



Man way too go always on top of your game! keep it alive bro. [DJ ROCK 354]
Love This! [Duwayne Motley]
bravo!! super suave! [Mariademexico]
This is F*ckin HOT!!! TY for the download!!! [Lance Matthew]
Very nice ! [Bragança Bossa Jazz]
muy bueno. Gracias. [soulrabbit]
Thats my gurl... [Jay Phony]