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MUSICALITÉ #23 Edition - OSH

NotaPublicado: 03 Ene 2021, 20:02
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MUSICALITÉ #23 Edition


01.Can 7 & Angela Caran - The Promise (Allovers Sexual Remix) [Peppermint Jam]
02.Chris Michael & John Sivris - Love In The Moonlight (Original Mix) [Double Cheese Records]
03.Chaka Kenn - Mom Boobs (Kenny's Native Tongue's Mix) [Good For You Records]
04.X Gets The Crest - Do Me So Bad (Original Mix) [Delve Deeper Recordings]
05.White Soul Projec feat. Oumy - I'd Like to Be with You (Original Mix) [Irma Dancefloor]
06.Dar-Leen - Fallin' In Love (Groove Assassin Remix) [Mugsy Balone]
07.Ivan Boyarkin feat. Vlada Podzyuban - Deep in Love (Original Version) [Beatsvoxmelodies]
08.Cøhen - All The Times (Original Mix) [Monoside]
09.Dolls Combers, Dennis Baker - Get to Know U (Original Mix) [Irma Dancefloor]
10.Luigi Egitto, Angelo Draetta, Daniele Cella - In Riva Al Mare (Original Mix) [Leda Music]
11.Chymamusique feat. P Tempo - Perfectly Lovers (Original Mix) [Chymamusique Records]
12.Roberto Mocha, Jose Vilches - The Beat (Original Mix) [Xamaky Records]
13.Souxsoul, Svensonite - Absolutely (Original Mix) [Re Vibe Music]