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MUSICALITÉ #24 Edition - OSH

NotaPublicado: 03 Ene 2021, 20:12
por funkji dj

MUSICALITÉ #24 Edition https://www.ivoox.com/33171471

01.Zepherin Saint - Skyy (Live Mix)
02.Deejay MiMMo, Roland Clark - Saturday (Deft Bonz Remix)
03.Wipe The Needle, Gary Bardouille - Love Warriors (Original Mix)
04.Don Corey Washington - Praise My Maker (D Remix)
05.Bobby D'Ambrosio feat. Elsa Raven - What About This Love? (Classic Club Mix)
06.George Lesley feat. Tumi & GenotheFuture - My Lady (Doug Gomez Back To NYC Remix)
07.Distant People, Julie Iwheta - Start Over (Othersoul Remix)
08.Beat Rivals feat. Ms Swaby - I Know (Vocal Mix)
09.Mike City - Happy Hour (Booker T Vocal Mix)
10.Groove Junkies, Reelsoul, Nichelle Monroe - My Truth (Groove N' Soul Truth Mix)